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Torah Bible Study - Thursdays 6 pm

Torah Bible Study - Thursdays 6 pm


We're glad your here!

We're delighted that you're visiting our website and hope we will have an opportunity to help you seek God (YHVH) with all your heart.  This website contains lots of information about us, our journey of faith, some of the things we do, and what we believe.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

From Our Pastor


David B. McCoy

I'm honored that you have an interest in finding out more about who we are and what we're about as a congregation. Please contact me or one of our staff members if you have questions.  I also invite you to come on a Saturday afternoon

at 3:00 pm so we can worship God (YHVH) together!


Learn with us!

If you were unable to attend worship or live a long distance from our facility, we would still like you to receive the things God (YHVH) is teaching us. Our messages are archived so you can learn and grow with us.  We hope you are blessed as you listen and pray through these messages.


Click here for Messages


Father blessed us with an amazing facility that we are anxious to share with others.  To explore the property and facility, click on the "More Info" link.


To find out about events, resources, recommended web links to other ministries and teachings, and additional information about us, click on the "More Info" link.

Message from Pastor Dave

Dear friends,


It was my privilege to be interviewed by a fellow named Kenny Russell.  Kenny is Scottish but now lives in Israel.  He travels the world teaching and sharing the truth about God's word.


In a wonderful way, this interview turned out to be the story of my faith life and ministry ... as well as the story of our congregation.


I hope what you see here not only informs you, but also encourages you to persevere in your own journey of faith.


Love and blessings,


Pastor Dave

Yeshua's Love Biblical Fellowship

Sarasota, FL

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