Gathering with other believers on Sabbath is something we look forward to all week.  Being in community with others is foundational to our life as a biblical community and our growth as disciples.  Life in God (YHVH) and with others is so much more than just "going to a service."

From August 31 to the end of September 2019, we are simplifying and not having a meal each week.  During this period our time together will last about 2.5 hours ... as the Spirit leads.  Children's ministry will take a break as well and is asking our children age four and above to sit quietly with their parents during worship and the teaching time.  A nursery is available for children age three years old and younger.

When we gather on Saturdays at 4:00 pm, we usually begin with worship and prayer.  This part of our time together usually lasts for an hour and a half.  As our pastor has said, it takes time to be community - to be community with God and each other.  And it isn't wasted time - it is truly oil for our lamps as we wait for our Messiah's return and care for each other.

Following worship and prayer, we take a short break and then return to the Worship Center to study together in some form.  We have either a Bible study or a teaching message, or at times, we even view an on-line teaching and discuss it.

Sabbath together is a precious investment in our Heavenly Father, Messiah, and each other! 

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