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While it might seem odd to put worship under the "growth" tab, it is as we worship Y’HoVaH, our living God, that some of the greatest growth and healing takes place in us as believers.


​Why is this?  Because as we worship, we enter into communion with God who is Almighty and Sovereign, who understands us and all things more than we can ever imagine.  Psalm 22:3 says that God actually inhabits the praises of his people.


In her book, He’s Been Faithful, Carol Cymbala, writes: "God reveals some of His glory to the hearts of those who worship Him.  We experience his nearness, blessing, and help not when we are rehearsing again and again our doubts and complaints but when we are offering up our praises and thanksgiving.  That is why this whole subject of worship and praise is so important.  Whenever our praises are lifted up, the Spirit of God gives us fresh revelations of who God is, showing us how great His glory is." (p. 93)

In order to really know who we are, we must know who God is.  In order to make wise decisions, we need to be in fellowship with the One who can see farther than we can see and who knows more than we know.

When we pray and worship, God’s Spirit bares witness to our spirit.  Through His Spirit, God gives us understanding and helps us work things out.  In worship, the Spirit of God testifies to Y'HoVaH’s majesty and power and imparts His wisdom and strength to us.  When we worship in the Spirit, we actually experience God’s mercy and holiness, His love and grace, His comfort and healing, and His joy and peace.  Outside of Spirit-filled worship, these are simply ideas and concepts.  This is why Yeshua says that the Father is seeking those who will worship him in Spirit and truth (John 4:23-24).


At Yeshua’s Love, worship is at the heart of who we are and all that we do.  Our pastor’s greatest passion is to bring people into the presence of God because he believes that it’s in the presence of God that good things will happen.


Worship is an essential part of a strong and healthy life.  Not only do we come together as a community for worship on the Sabbath (Saturdays at 3:00) and during our celebration of God’s Appointed Times (Leviticus 23), but worship has always been an integral part of our Prayer Meetings, Men’s and Women’s Groups, and our ministry to Youth and Children.  Beyond this, we also teach and challenge each person to have a time of daily, personal worship as well.

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